Arukah is a Hebrew word, one of the words in the Bible that is translated into the English word “health”.  However, the biblical understanding of “health” is much broader than our Western understanding. According to Strong’s, “arukah” means “restoring to soundness; wholeness (literally or figuratively); health, made up, perfected.”  Health, in biblical terms, brings together the entire person, the whole person, if you will.  Being a healthy person implies that your whole person is being perfected and “restored to soundness”.  From this, one could base the following conclusions:  We can’t separate the different parts of our person.  Our health is all-inclusive. Health is not just physical.  It includes our emotional, mental, musical and spiritual “compartments” as well.  When one area is unhealthy, it directly effects the health of the other areas as well.  Music is energy evoked at levels only it’s creators and participants will take them to.  Soundness exudes wellness at intangible moments we can forever capture if we try.  In Hebrew, “arukah” is a passive participle.  This means it is a continuous, ongoing process.  There isn’t a sense that one day we’re not healthy, then we make certain changes, and suddenly, the next day we’re completely healthy.  There are degrees of health, and as we make healthy choices we take baby steps towards being “perfected”.  The passive part of the “passive participle” means that it’s not just us doing it, it’s being done to us!

Where did the name come from?

About Arukah

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Guitar, Vocals

Dennis Angelo is a guitarist, singer and songwriter originally from Cape Cod, MA. One could say his energy is contagious hailing from the genres of jam, funk, soul and groove. Always psychedelic in nature.   Always striving to exhume more uncharted sounds from within.  He holds originality in one’s sound to be the most important quest as a guitar player.  Dennis has written 25+ songs, some of which he plays with Arukah.  He launched the band The New Motif and played with the likes of Entrain and many others.  His influences include: John Scofield, Jerry Garcia, John Frusciante and Trey Anastasio.  Dennis feels playing with this group of individuals often feels like musical Voltron.  A music machine firing from a place of Love, reaching for new magical moments moving musical mountains. Arukah has sparked something special and brand new into his being. 



Keyboards, Vocals

Mark is a keyboardist, singer, and songwriter hailing from New York City.  He has written 25+ original songs, some of which he performs with Arukah.   He also is keyboardist and vocalist for both The Knot (formerly Slipknot) and Grateful Dead tribute band Playing Dead!  Mark has shared the stage with Merl Saunders, Buddy Cage, Tom "TC" Constanten, Dark Star Orchestra, and Butch Trucks (Allman Brothers).  His keyboard influences include:  Chuck Leavell, Brent Mydland, Keith Godchaux, Steve Winwood, Bruce Hornsby, Dr. John, Elton John, and Art Neville.   Mark is excited to play original music with Arukah and explore the magical places where improvisational jams can go!



Bass, Vocals

Hailing from Buffalo, NY, Brian is widely known for his inventive and kinetic bass guitar playing with Uncle Sammy, Gordon Stone, Gary Backstrom, Dave Brunyak, and Rev Tor's Steal Your Peach Band. Brian also writes and performs original songs with his bands, the Brian O'Connell Fellowship and Arukah. He wrote and staged a theatrical rock opera called “Over the Line” in 2012 and currently produces a historical-musical podcast that tells the story of the Salem Witch Trials called “Witch Hunt – history told in music, sound, and story”. A lover of intense improvisational jams and performing fun and interesting music for true music lovers and fans, he has recorded with Mike Keneally and shared the stage with members of: moe., The Spin Doctors, Soulive, Utopia, Disco Biscuits, Max Creek, and the Tom “TC” Constanten of the Grateful Dead. His bass playing is primarily influenced by: Jaco Pastorius, Tony Levin, Victor Wooten, Phil Lesh, Mike Gordon, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carlos Santana, and Pat Metheny. Arukah has become an ideal setting for his unique performance and playing style. 

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Brian is a drummer originally from the Hudson Valley, NY, but currently makes New England his home.  He has been playing around the region for many years.  In addition to Arukah, Brian plays in the Grateful Dead tribute band, Playing Dead, and the Providence centered jam/electronica band, Electro Politics.  His primary drumming inspirations include Jon Fishman, Stewart Copeland, Billy Kreutzmann, John Bonham (when it’s time to get heavy J), and Mike Greenfield.  Brian has a wide range of musical taste that ranges from long winding improvisational jam bands to heavy progressive rock to jazz.  Brian is excited to be making new music with this talented band and cannot wait to see what the future holds!    

Arukah is a four-piece Massachusetts-based original jamband that has quickly gained a loyal following in New England since starting in June of 2021. In fact, their first show sold out on reputation alone (without anyone ever hearing a note of their music)!   A super group made up of musicians from various well-established bands, an Arukah show features top-level musicianship showcased in jaw-dropping solos, a multitude of grooves that keep the dance floor jumping, and unique songwriting approaches from each member, with harmony vocals and catchy hooks. Arukah has a wide range of influences from across the musical spectrum, most notably from the styles of jamband, funk, classic rock, reggae, jazz fusion, prog rock, and pop.